SuperAve. Makes EP Debut On Deadbeats With “The Streets Hear Everything”

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We love it when a label acts like more than just a machine to pump out music, instead honing in on a culture and elevating it. Among the dime a dozen EDM labels that have popped up over the past decade, Deadbeats is one of the few that consistently pushes new artist and sounds. Yesterday, SuperAve. made their EP debut on the label with The Streets Hear Everything.

Not a lot is known about SuperAve., as the producer has taken on a mystery approach, following in the early footsteps of ZHU, as well as 1788-L, Malaa, and others. We do know they’re from South Carolina and they take a heavy influence from the sounds of southern trap in their bass music.

That much is evident in TSHE, with plenty of crossover elements in each track, from the drums to the synths to the bass. Over the course of these five tracks, calling upon Detroit rapper FowL and another unknown artist, jELACEE, you’ll get to know SuperAve. a lot better.

Check it out below, out now via Deadbeats!

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