Dr. Fresch & Glass Petals Revive Electro Blog House Era with New Banger “The Answer” [LISTEN]

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Dr. Fresch and Glass Petals serve up an electro blog house revival tune with their new collaborative release, “The Answer” — out now on House Call Records.

Harnessing electro energy from the early 2000s, Dr. Fresch joins with the powerhouse duo of Felix Cartal and Johnny Jover to deliver this massive, rave-worthy soundscape. They pay homage to this “golden era” of dance, whilst also providing an updated feel for the 2021 dance floor.

As “The Answer” tastefully progresses, it gets meaner and meaner, as a mob of classic rave synths join the party. We love the way all the elements play off each other and communicate to tell a deeper story.

Dr. Fresch shares:

The Answer is about the revival of what Glass Petals and I view as the golden era of Electro – Blog house. Felix Cartal (Glass Petals) was making the music I was playing out at House parties in high school, so this record comes full circle. When Taelor and Johnny started the Glass Petals project, I knew there a clear intersection between our sounds again, and we decided to sit down and write the blog house revival for the roaring 20’s!

Glass Petals also weigh in:

We wanted to capture the chaos of the early electro blog house era that hit the scene by storm back in the mid 2000s. We did our best to recreate those nostalgic feelings in this track. It was madness during that time; everyone was having fun creating without overthinking and that’s what we did with this record. It only felt right that we called it “THE ANSWER,” as this was our way of sharing that energy to a new generation who’ve questioned what came before them.

In addition, House Call Records’ upcoming Shot Callers Vol. 1 compilation drops Friday, August 13th. The collection offers the kind of hard-hitting club tracks that we have been waiting to experience live for over a year, featuring Marten Hørger & Phace, Wa-Fu, Fetish, and Fox’d.

Listen here and link up below!

Dr. Fresch & Glass Petals – The Answer

Stream/download: housecallrecs.ffm.to/theanswer

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